Dr. Nicholas Bastidas

Dr. Carolyn Fein Levy
Dr. Terry Amaral

Interventional Radiology

Our team is dedicated to the treatment of simple and complex hemangiomas and vascular malformations.  Our team of specialists include: Plastic Surgeons, ENTs, Interventional Radiologists, Heme-Oncologists, Pediatric Dermatologists, Orthopaedic surgeons,  Pediatric surgeons and Radiologists.  This combined approach allows for us to create a customized surgical and medical plan for you or your child that is optimized for success. 


Plastic Surgery/ ENT


Dr. Rachel Kessel


Orthopedic Surgery

Robin Rivera, FpNP-BC
Dr. Jeanne S Choi-Rosen

Meet the Vascular Anomalies Team

Dr. Victor Moon
Dr. Shari Reitzen
Dr. Barry Zide
Dr. Dhave Setabutr
Dr. Rafael Ortiz

Dr. Vinh Nguyen

Dr. Chris Sung
Dr. David Siegel
Dr. Jose Prince

Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Aaron Lipskar